• "What a wonderful production! The video provides a true understanding of the major events of the day and you did an outstanding job of capturing so many different faces and people. This is truly more special than we had anticipated and we will cherish this video forever. Thank you for your dedication during the filming as well as your detailed editing."
    — Cory & Samantha Goodenough, Wedding Video Clients
  • “While planning to launch my firm I knew that my logo and website were going to be critically important. I had ideas for what both should look like and the message they would convey, but I had a hard time articulating that. Kitty was able to patiently work with me to extract and build that vision. Today, I can say without a doubt, that my website has been the most impactful marketing tool I have for my business and has been hugely important in my initial success.”
    — Paul, Lake Road Advisors
  • "Over the years I have worked with different designers for many projects. In my in industry, it is very important to keep our image fresh and current. I have never come across anyone who could so instantly grasp what I was trying to convey. Wade was able to understand my vision better than I was able to communicate it. Every piece of art design collateral that he has given me is better than I had imagined it would be."
    — Christian Auble, Canny Cultivations
  • “Katherine and Wade did a tremendous job for my company. They both were very professional and did an outstanding job with a super quick turn around time. Wade’s skills as a photographer are second-to-none, he goes the extra mile to get the perfect shot! Katherine did everything I needed to be done and then some, she exceeded my expectations! Can't wait to work with this duo again!”
    — Mike Trombino, Slidr Asheville

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