Two Months Progress

Well, it's been about two months since we've last spoke world. Since then a lot has happened, most importantly the studio is up and running and Wade is cranking out encaustic pieces and has found a new love for this creative process. So much so, that he submitted some pieces for the Super Fine Art Show in New York City, and was accepted! If you're in New York City May 4-8th, stop by the show and see Wade in his natural habitat. 

One of Wade's newest encaustic pieces that will make the trek up to NYC in May for Super Fine Art Fair.

One of Wade's newest encaustic pieces that will make the trek up to NYC in May for Super Fine Art Fair.


As for me, Wade has put me in the corner, literally. But it is a lovely corner and I get to be by the plants, and make my mess out of the way. ;) 


My goal is to create enough planters, necklaces, and studs to set up a little table at one of the many pop-up shops in Asheville featuring local craft makers and artists. But before that, setting up some packaging design and branding (If I don't die from chemical poisining from those acid stains first).

What do you think about this logo? 

We're so happy to have landed in such an up-and-coming artist community here in Asheville. It seems like every day there is some kind of creative event that is inclusive of all-levels of creatives and everyone is supportive and encouraging no matter where we go. Thanks Asheville for being so unexpectedly fabulous. Friends who have never been--Come visit us soon!  

"I share my bed willingly." 

"I share my bed willingly." 

Poppin' Bottles, Poppin' Molds

With Wade landing an awesome creative position at Kanuga Conference Center in Flat Rock, there was reason to celebrate. I also managed to forge my first little planter, which may not seem like much but was pretty exciting. Every where I look I think "Can I cast that into something?" 

Champagne can be bought in gas stations in the lovely state of North Carolina. 

Champagne can be bought in gas stations in the lovely state of North Carolina. 

Behold! The fruit of not so much labor, but a lot of experimenting and reading up on technique. There are so many shapes I need to try, but in the mean time...expect tiny succulents from me as gifts for awhile.

Compliments to  Flora Asheville , for the tiny succulents and extra dirt. 

Compliments to Flora Asheville, for the tiny succulents and extra dirt. 

Sprucing, Building, Experimenting

It's called a "rustic studio" for a reason, and Wade has been hard at work ripping out nails, spackeling, and painting the walls of little studio 292. Like the good guy he is, he even found time to help me build a little work desk of my own for my concrete experiments. He's all bundled up below, because there's no heat in our space quite yet, and it was a uncharacteristically cold night here in the mountains.  


With the space coming along, we found a gem of a place around the corner that sells wood flooring that will soon cover the client meeting corner of the studio. Stay tuned for more updates!  


Goal for space completion: March 2nd, Riverveiw Station meet and greet gathering.  

Home made 2 x 4 easel

Home made 2 x 4 easel


Messy soon-to-be organized work space

The Studio at 292

Congratulations, it's a studio!

We are excited to be a part of the tight-knit family at Riverview Station in Asheville, North Carolina. We just moved in January 1st, and our resolution is to spend a good chunk of this year creating art and making friends in our new city. As time goes on you'll see updates on this blog about what we are making, what's going on in the River Arts District, and who we meet along the way. Stay tuned, we have some exciting things happening soon!