Sprucing, Building, Experimenting

It's called a "rustic studio" for a reason, and Wade has been hard at work ripping out nails, spackeling, and painting the walls of little studio 292. Like the good guy he is, he even found time to help me build a little work desk of my own for my concrete experiments. He's all bundled up below, because there's no heat in our space quite yet, and it was a uncharacteristically cold night here in the mountains.  


With the space coming along, we found a gem of a place around the corner that sells wood flooring that will soon cover the client meeting corner of the studio. Stay tuned for more updates!  


Goal for space completion: March 2nd, Riverveiw Station meet and greet gathering.  

Home made 2 x 4 easel

Home made 2 x 4 easel


Messy soon-to-be organized work space